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April 22nd, 2014, 4:21 pm


Update: 4/22/2014

I just sent out the newsletter, but apparently yahoo addresses are causing problems with mail chimp - and that's what I send out with. >>; Whoops. So I'm posting the content of the newsletter here as well. ^^b Figure better safe then sorry about it getting carried off, off and away~!

As you may have noticed there hasn't been a new chapter update.

Unless we count the spoof....

(click to open)

But that wasn't the intention of this month. The chapter is taking longer to finish due to the amount of unforeseen pages it's taking to finish the scene and show the intended content in it. Which means more pages when finished, but we're talking now due to the delay it's taking to make it. I can personally say though that Jordan looks absolutely adorable from what I've seen so far.

If you missed the memo - there is no podcast this month. There's a short story, and if someone wants to make a fan made read through of it I'll love them forever. Till then though, I have two short stories to link. They're on Google Docs for ease.

Royal Ceremony

Jordan's Bedtime

Originally, Royal ceremony was the only story going out this month, but I finished the edit's on Jordan's Bedtime. I hope you enjoy. In Royal Ceremony, we see the first canon appearance of Lloyd's Fiance - Princess Ismaire of the Clatton Royal Family. She was mentioned in the last chapter, and I would like to throw out a friendly precaution... It's from Lloyd's point of view. It might turn into mood whiplash with the next time we see her. In Jordan's Bedtime, we get to see Lloyd tucking Jordan in for the night. I'm sure that's as simple and as sweet as it sounds...

I'll be sending out a proper newsletter with all of the extras with the next chapter. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the shorts as we wait for the next pages to come out.

- Blue -
Writer for Blackwood

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