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September 20th, 2014, 5:01 pm



Hey guys~ Chapter 8 is nearly done, but until then TIS CONTEST TIME~ \^__^/

The objective is simple! Add your own captions to the image to create a funny scene!

-Max 3 Entries per person
-Keep it PG please~
-Submissions are to be posted in comments or messaged to
(example format: 1: Brad says! 2: Kuro says 3: but Brad also says! )
-You may add off screen speakers or additional bubbles if you want
-However, all entries require the bubbles pictured in the image.

There shall be TWO winners for this contest. (Selected from the various Blackwood media sites.) the deadline for entries is the 30th, with the winners being announced on the 1st along with the new chapter~

Winners shall receive a free chibi icon commission, picturing a person/character of their choice
A character cameo in the Blackwood comic~

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